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Fuel Optimization (How to Increase a Yield of High-Octane Gasoline)

Since 1989 till now a group of leading engineers and scientists made an advanced discovery in the field of oil processing for the method of increasing the quantity and quality of petroleum. Tests were carried out on a number of reformer units. Their developments were subsequently protected under “International Patent numbers”. This became the development of a completely new Fuel optimization Program.
A mathematical model of analytical sophistication was developed that would be universally applicable for process optimization on all types of reformer units. The result of their test became the creation of a new simulation and optimization model. Establishment of a highly sophisticated model which possessed comprehensive analytical capabilities in the field of process simulation.

The process disposed of an automatic regime for determining the optimal operating parameters. The program takes into account all types of reformer units currently operating worldwide. The model also has integrated modules which enables the developer to quickly expand the application to other units in the refinery.
This Fuel Optimizing Program is guaranteed by software modeling to provide: 1) An increase in reformate production by 1% – 8% while maintaining the octane number. 2) Increase of the octane number while maintaining the production amount of reformate. 3) Prolongation of catalyst life time of about 50% – 100%. 4) Extension of regeneration cycles of fixed bed reformer catalysts increases the number of production days. Process optimization is an offline and online software package. The software does not require any investment from the oil refinery other than the initial purchase fee. The process optimization is carried out whilst ongoing production of the reformer / platformer unit.

Enprox Overseas experts have tested this intelligence software with two refineries. first was a Low Pressure CCR which resulted in 5.5% increase in reformate production & 1 point increase in octane number. Second was a high pressure CCR which resulted in 2.9% increase in reformate production & 0.5 point increase in octane number. The annual saving for both refineries exceeded USD 30 M.