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Our Commitment Reaches Beyond Client Expectations

Enprox Overseas was founded to address the shortage in engineering, consulting, procurement, and project management outsourcing for energy sectors.

Core Values

PEOPLE are the heart & mind of our business.

PARTNERS are our clients.

PERFORMANCE excellence is our commitment.

PROFITABLE Growth is our imperative.

Contact Info

Address: Suite 1148, 99 Wyse Road, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia B3A 4S5 Canada

Phone: +1 (902) 909 2055


Office Time: Mon – Sat 08:00 – 05:00

Engineering and Designing

Enprox Overseas Ltd. simplify complex engineering challenges by breaking down each and every challenge into a micro doable units & assign right resources (manpower, material & machines) to perform & resolve these challenges. We have a wide spectrum of special consulting services that cover the full development of energy assets.

Petroleum Engineering: Development and evaluation of oil and gas reserves | Drilling, production and reservoir studies | Enhanced Oil Recovery studies | Reservoir simulation studies | Process Integration and Optimization studies for refineries and petrochemical plants

Mining Engineering: Evaluation of mineral resources reserves | Geological, mineralogical and petro-graphical studies.

Chemical Engineering: Surface facilities revamp studies | Surface facilities operation problems studies and solutions | Process Integration and Optimization | Feasibility studies for different Refinery & chemical plants | Produced water treatment | Environmental Impact Assessment | Evaluation of environmental impact assessment studies.

Metallurgy Engineering: Developing plans and specialized studies for efficiency enhancement of industrial operations | Providing studies in materials evaluation, failure analysis, and the reasonable solutions for sudden malfunctions in machinery and equipment | Conducting specialized studies for corrosion problems.

Hydraulics Engineering: Conduct underground water studies | Design protection and risk mitigation plans against floods.

Offshore Structure Engineering: Offshore platforms in-service design: Static in-place structural analysis | Pile analysis | Dynamic & fatigue analysis | Earthquake analysis | Ship impact * Construction support analysis: Lead-out analysis | Transportation Analysis | Lifting Analysis | Floatation & upending Analysis | Drivability Analysis.

Enprox Overseas engineering strength built on a core staff that have 500+ years of cumulative multi-discipline experience in engineering, design and consulting of many international complex energy projects.