Energy Projects Development



Enprox Overseas Ltd. simplify complex engineering challenges by breaking down each and every challenge into a micro doable units & assign right resources (manpower, material & machines) to perform & resolve these challenges. We have a wide spectrum of special consulting services that cover the full development of energy assets.

Petroleum Engineering: Development and evaluation of oil and gas reserves | Drilling, production and reservoir studies | Enhanced Oil Recovery studies |  Reservoir simulation studies | Process Integration and Optimization studies for refineries and petrochemical plants

Mining Engineering: Evaluation of mineral resources reserves |  Geological, mineralogical and petro-graphical studies.

Chemical Engineering: Surface facilities revamp studies |  Surface facilities operation problems studies and solutions  | Process Integration and Optimization | Feasibility studies for different Refinery & chemical plants | Produced water treatment | Environmental Impact Assessment | Evaluation of environmental impact assessment studies.

Metallurgy Engineering: Developing plans and specialized studies for efficiency enhancement of industrial operations | Providing studies in materials evaluation, failure analysis, and the reasonable solutions for sudden malfunctions in machinery and equipment | Conducting specialized studies for corrosion problems.

Hydraulics Engineering: Conduct underground water studies | Design protection and risk mitigation plans against floods.

Offshore Structure Engineering: Offshore platforms in-service design: Static in-place structural analysis | Pile analysis | Dynamic & fatigue analysis | Earthquake analysis | Ship impact * Construction support analysis: Lead-out analysis | Transportation Analysis | Lifting Analysis | Floatation & upending Analysis | Drivability Analysis.

Enprox Overseas engineering strength built on a core staff that have 500+ years of cumulative multi-discipline experience in  engineering, design and consulting of many international complex energy projects.