Bi&Di Automation

Bi&Di Automation avails itself of a ten years experiences in the International Market. It offers a wide range of services in the Industrial Processes, providing customers with individual design tasks to complete turn-key solutions. Bi&Di Automation is specialized in the multidisciplinary Engineering, Integration, Construction and Installation of Systems for the Oil and Gas, Chemical and Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Metallurgic, Power Generation, Water Treatment fields.

Bray Investment Group (BIG) LLC

Bray Investment Group (BIG) LLC is a private independent international project funding consulting group that works to raise capital for projects of societal value both domestically and internationally through our global lending network of private investors, family offices and institutional lenders. Working with both government and private partners, BIG can manage in upwards of $100B+ of client projects and is expected to close over $50B of business by the end of 2018.

LNG Tainer

LNG Tainer is a multi-discipline engineering and sales company working on LNG projects for the oil and gas industry. The company provides cutting edge technology in transporting LNG in most economical and environment friendly way, which requires a high level of engineering expertise and careful manufacturing and installation to provide a sound, safe product.

BGS Energy Services

BGS Energy Services offers a wide range of onshore and offshore services for our Customers in the Oil and Gas industry maximizing the value of the reservoir throughout various stages of its lifecycle. With a highly experienced, well-trained global network of personnel, and innovative, state-of-the-art proprietary technologies, BGS Energy Services is well-equipped to meet all the requirements of the Geology and Geophysics (G&G), Drilling, Pipeline and Process Services (PPS) and Engineering/Business development services within industry and energy markets worldwide – both safely and efficiently.

Tonvest Capital

Tonvest Capital is the brand of excellence under which hundreds of independent firms and high-calibre professionals throughout the world collaborate to offer unique services to our customers. With passion and purpose, and with expertise across several industries, we work shoulder-to-shoulder with our partners, integrating innovative approaches and deep expertise to solve our customers’ toughest challenges.


ORKA is a project developer focused exclusively on the development of geothermal and waste heat projects. Orka’s experienced team has over 30 years of collective experience developing, managing and financing geothermal energy and power projects.

Mining Studies & Research Center (MSRC)

Mining Studies & Research Center (MSRC), Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, is a national consultancy house that provides consultations, material testing & engineering studies for companies and corporations working in the fields of Petroleum and Petrochemical Engineering, Mining Engineering, Mineral Processing, Natural Gas Engineering and Metallurgical Engineering. Mining Studies and Research Center (MSRC) was founded in 2002. The main objective of this research center is to become a national consultancy office geared up to perform specified engineering studies. For the past 10 years, MSRC has delivered several projects, consultation studies and continuing education programs in the fields of Mining and Petroleum Engineering.

CPL Concordia

CPL Concordia is a multi-utility cooperative group, established in 1899 in Concordia sulla Secchia (province of Modena), operating in Italy and internationally with 1450 employees, 70 companies (including both subsidiaries and associated companies). It operates in the fields of heat management, energy saving and facility management, building management system, co-generation and trigeneration, oil & gas solutions (measurement and reduction units, filtration technologies, gas odorization), and ICT Solutions for Utilities.

MicroPower Global

MicroPower Global is a private company that has developed a groundbreaking form of thermoelectric technology that can convert heat directly into electricity far more efficiently than current alternatives. Unlike most thermoelectric products, MicroPower’s devices are capable of working at relatively high temperatures (250°C to 600°C), enabling their application across a vast array of different industries.

Corban Energy Group

Corban Energy Group specializes in manufacturing large-scale quantities of ISO containers for the transportation of natural gases. Our expertise extends into the LNG, CNG, and LPG industries, and our solutions are specifically customer-oriented. Corban Energy Group’s products are turnkey solutions for the transportation of natural gases. Our ISO containers have been designed for performance, ease of operation, and safety. Our more permanent solutions include onsite storage tanks, power generators, fueling stations, and more.

Veri-tech International

Veri-tech International is an Egyptian private equity organization developer focused on providing multi-discipline engineering technical consultancy services and project&construction Management, founded by a team of professional vast international hands-on experience in industrial projects development and management.